About Us

In 1977, a humble servant of the Lord answered God's calling to open a Christian gift and bookstore in Bellevue. Ann Farrell opened The Shepherd's Door and hoped it would be a blessing to the community and indeed it was.

After 30 years of owning and managing the store, Ann decided to retire. But she didn't want the store to close its doors for good. In November of 2007, Bellevue Christian Church loaned the money to Shepherd’s Door, Inc. to purchase and relocate the store.

The decision to relocate the store has proved to be the right decision, but it was a move that required hard work and dedication. The volunteers at Bellevue Christian Church rose to that challenge and exceeded expectations. The team of volunteers led by project manager Ed Hain removed a dropped tile ceiling, ran electrical wiring, installed light fixtures, hardwood flooring and so much more. The transformation took hundreds of volunteer hours but the end result was worth it, and their hard work saved the store thousands of dollars.

The new location seems to be symbolic of a new beginning. The space is much larger than the old store so there is more room to carry a wider variety of items. Previously, the store carried mostly Catholic items, but the larger space of this new location has allowed for an expansion of Protestant items as well. Another new addition to the store is the support of local, regional and global missions. The Shepherd’s Door has created a “Village Market” that carries Fair Trade and Organic items from many countries throughout the world. These products help artisans and their families try to work their way out of poverty. Each item has information about the artisan or group of people who created the product.

The Shepherd's Door is a great way to meet the needs of our neighbors while also providing opportunities to serve by volunteering at the store. The challenge of operating The Shepherd's Door will no doubt be difficult at times, but God has provided this awesome responsibility for a reason. And through this ministry, He will most certainly bless the community in ways we could never imagine. If you would like to volunteer at the store, please check out our “Volunteer” page on this website for more information.

The Remodeling Project